Thursday, June 12, 2014



Untreated depression is indeed dangerous. Depression can create all kinds of havoc on your whole being by throwing the stress response system out of whack. Some of the common areas impacted include:  the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer.  Stress can impact normal immune function which then excerbates anxiety, stress and /or depression. Difficult relationships, parenting and work issues all contribute to this situation.

This blog contains what I suggest as a way to become healthy and remain that way.  These are ways to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing:

  • Get a yearly physical exam.  Depression and anxiety can be related to thyroid and other issues

  •  Exercise: it relieves stress, raises endorphin levels. It’s even better if you get outside in natural light to exercise!

       Journaling: research shows it increases hopefulness,
 releases stress, and calms the brain.

       Regular Sleep: essential to mood stability and a healthy
immune system.

      A good social or family support system increases longevity and raises immune system function

      Professional Therapy: coming for a session BEFORE
symptoms are out of hand with regular checkups

Now maybe you are thinking, well, if I could MAKE myself do all of these things, I’d be fine! What you may not realize is that a mental health provider is trained, licensed and qualified to be a resource to help you do these things. A therapist can be your encourager, your supporter, and your guide in prioritizing and planning your best, healthiest life.

Therapy helps uncover the roadblocks to your success that exist outside of your awareness. Together we can gently uncover and examine self-defeating beliefs without shame or judgment. When “the truth sets you free,” you are then able to move forward and possibly see new levels of well being.

 A counselor who specializes in professional women and workplace anxiety and stress is L. Kay Byers located in Irving Texas.  With over 20 years of experience helping professional women cope with the stress of workplace and home, L. Kay Byers has helped many women get back on the road to health and wellbeing.