Monday, October 17, 2016

Be Your Own Favorite Teacher

The term “autodidact” refers to someone who teaches themselves a certain subject. In other words, an autodidact is someone who is self-taught. Some famous autodidacts include Ernest Hemingway, David Bowie, Russell Crowe, Leonardo da Vinci and Frank Lloyd Wright.
We are all autodidacts in the sense that we are always learning. That is to say, we should always be learning. Taking autodidacts to the next level can be something that will enrich your life far more than just the skills you’ll learn. What’s more, with information and resources readily available – for free in many cases – there’s no time better in history than now for the autodidact.
Build your self-confidence as an autodidact
Those who teach themselves develop self-esteem and self-reliance that will positively affect nearly every aspect of their lives. By teaching yourself, you not only learn the specific skill, but you prove to yourself that you are capable of accomplishing many things beyond what you may have believed, or what others have led you to believe about yourself. You learn to trust yourself and your abilities, and you value your own intelligence.
Empower yourself with knowledge
Self-educated people do not shy away from challenges, they relish them. As you have success at autodidacts, you will train your brain to work more efficiently, and improve problem-solving skills too. You will no longer be afraid to tackle something you don’t know. You will know from experience that once you set your mind to learning something, you will be able to find the information you need, and have the ability to learn. Aside from boosting your own confidence, you will gain respect from others, and be able to serve them with your knowledge. You’ll be that person friends and relatives turn to when they don’t know how to do something.
Practical benefits of autodidacts
Another sense of pride you will obtain is from the amount of money you will save by teaching yourself. Everyone feels smart and savvy when they find a way to save money. Just imagine the sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction you’ll experience when you save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars teaching yourself something – even figuring out how to fix something yourself.

Teaching yourself to gain a specific skill, or just for the fun of it opens up countless opportunities. The sky’s the limit to what you can learn and experience in your life.

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