Monday, November 14, 2016

Loving Where You Live Starts on the Inside

Often, when negative people are unhappy with where they’re living, they can’t wait to move. They’ll say, “I hate it here.” or “If only I could live there…then I would be happy.” If they actually wind up moving to their ideal place, they will be happy…for a while, anyway. But after the newness of the move wears off, they will be back to being miserable again, just in new surroundings.

Everything comes down to your attitude. If you approach life from a negative standpoint, you will get negative back. Someone thinking negatively would find fault with any location, no matter how wonderful it is. Living right on the beach, a negative person would complain about the sand. Living in culturally diverse and exciting city might cause this person to harp on the crowds or noise. Yet a positive person can be happy anywhere. The key — along with having a good attitude — is to see things in perspective.

Accept and Love Where you Are…Right Now.
Even if you wind up moving, you are where you are at this moment. Often, it’s the resistance to what is that makes people unhappy. If you accept that you are here, and choose to make peace with that (rather than resisting and fighting that fact), you have taken the first step to making the most out of wherever you are. Doing this will reveal to you that happiness does not rely upon where you are physically residing.

Look at Your Location Like a Tourist Would
It may sound silly, but if you adopt an attitude of curiosity and discovery (like you do when you are on vacation), you will undoubtedly learn about — and enjoy — your surroundings more. Search online and elsewhere for events, attractions and fun things to do. Try out a new dining establishment, learn your area’s history, check out a park, lake, walking trail, or other natural asset in your community.

Get involved
Chances are, you’ve been so busy being miserable that you’re not even aware of what is available right in your neighborhood. Join one of your town’s community organizations or clubs to lend a hand, meet new people, or experiment with something you’ve always wanted to try.

Looking at where you live from a different viewpoint will open the door to new experiences and perspectives.   Be mentally flexible, allow your world view to expand and see how much your life can change!

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