Monday, August 22, 2016

Leisure time for adults is good for their health

Far too many adults are so constantly on the go taking care of their life’s responsibilities that they believe they couldn’t possibly have the time for any meaningful leisure activities. Some may even feel that taking time out for themselves is juvenile, frivolous, or selfish. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Making time for leisure has long-lasting holistic benefits from which any adult would benefit.

Free your mind and take a break

Regularly participating in leisure activities keeps you in great mental health. Adults have so many pressures on the job and at home, that their minds need a break from the stress and worry that can accumulate. When people take the time to unwind with a partner or by themselves, they allow their minds to “turn off”, be calm, and bring joy into their lives through the things they enjoy doing in their down time. By engaging in relaxing pastimes, the mind will have a chance to refresh, thereby allowing it to function more efficiently when it returns to performing non-leisure tasks.

The human body: machine or complex organism?

Whichever way you look at it, the human body is an amazing, highly intelligent system, and as such, needs both activity and rest to keep it well balanced, and functioning properly. Wellness in the body comes from allowing for periods of downtime and relaxing activities with loved ones, or in solitude. During these times, the body rejuvenates and repairs. People who make leisure time a priority in their lives will have fewer doctor visits, lower blood pressure and more overall physical wellness.

Relax to Let the Soul Awaken

Finding relaxing hobbies or leisure activities that bring you joy, allows you to be at peace, and experience spiritual resonance at your very core. This state is not possible with an over-active mind constantly ruminating over troublesome thoughts or worries about work and family. Through pleasant, joyful activities, you feed your soul, or spirit, on a deep level that often transcends your thinking mind. When you are in a positive flow doing something that resonates joy and fulfillment on this deep level, you are more likely to have spiritual experiences that will bring peace, and an appreciation of life.


Experience the mind-body-soul benefits available to you from leisure activities such as creative expression, physical recreation, hobbies, appreciation of the arts and more.


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