Thursday, June 15, 2017

Assessing Your Healing: Signs of Progress in Therapy
Do you know that you can focus on various areas in your life to see if you are feeling better in specific ways? This is a fun, informal quiz to use for this purpose. Rate your improvement from 1 to 4, with 4 being the most improved. Leave it blank if it doesn’t apply to you. Take the results to your therapist for discussion.

__Self Esteem
__Ability to reach Life Goals
__Personal Safety
__Your work or career
__Level of happiness
__Use of your talents
__Sense of Humor
__Ability to care for others
__Personal self-care/Attractiveness
__Ability to make friends
__Relationships (friends)
__Relationships (family)
__Getting along with coworkers
__Taking time for you
__Treating yourself well
__Putting your needs first
__Taking care of your body
__Not getting overly tired
__Taking care of yourself when ill
__Eating well
__Sleeping enough
__Exercising regularly
__Appropriate alcohol use (or none at all)
Track your progress on a regular basis. Therapy is all about improving your life and making it the best it can be!
(Adapted from It’s My Life Now by M. Dugan)

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