Friday, February 14, 2014

Motherhood: Not What You Expected??

Motherhood: Not What You Expected??
For many new moms, “the joy of motherhood” doesn't live up to expectations. Like other existence-altering life changes, motherhood provides its share of anxiety and stress. A number of factors can lead to anxiety in new moms. For example, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and deficiencies in support to name a few. For a lot of first-time moms, their new role can be overwhelming. New mothers can experience mild anxiety and feelings of unease and worry. More serious anxiety can involve excessive worry or distress, accompanied by physical tension, restless sleep, feeling keyed up, and trouble focusing

New moms may be reluctant to find help from a physician or mental health expert, but many times, it is the professional help that makes the biggest difference and offers the most relief. A professional counselor isn't a member of the family or a friend, but someone a brand new mother can be honest with, without the worry of being judged or belittled. A counselor can a new mother adapt to her role and also the relieve stresses that come from the duties that accompany it.

Here are a few tips to help new moms lessen their anxiety:
·         Sleep when the baby sleeps. Getting enough sleep is essential to a new mother’s well-being.
·         Exercise. Physical exercise has a huge effect on lowering anxiety. It doesn't need to be intense - but sufficient enough to boost your pulse rate and break a sweat. Place the baby inside a stroller and take a stroll. Join a mother/baby exercise class.
·         Escape and spend some time along with other new moms. Certain clinics offer wonderful Mother/Baby Support Groups. Most are free of charge and offer new moms an opportunity to network with other people going through an identical stage of motherhood.
·         Take some time for your own personal re-charging. Stretch. Try taking some time to breathe deep and meditate. Unclench your jaw. Take a lengthy bath.
·         Fathers can also help moms cope with anxiety. Fathers are encouraged to supply practical and emotional support. Practical support may mean doing the laundry, letting mother sleep in on the weekend, get take-out in route home. Emotional support may involve telling the brand new mother that they doing a great job, reassuring her about her weight and appearance. This may also mean listening to her fears and concerns.

Motherhood might have its challenges, mainly in the beginning. However, with support, and positive outlook, anxiety may take a back chair to time you cherish your new bundle of joy. If you are in need of support, please don’t hesitate to call me, L. Kay Byers, LPC to schedule an appointment. 214 546 4514.

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