Monday, February 24, 2014

Stress Among Professional Women In The Workplace

     In the past decade in the United States we have seen an emerging trend of female professionals rising up withing the corporate world. While this trend has been escalating longer than ten years, it is apparent that women are now closing the gap among executives who dominate the professional world. So, what does this mean health-wise? To put it simply, women who may have seen their incomes as well as their careers soar, may now also have something far more important to worry about, that being  health. For these upper management women who not only juggle high pressure jobs, many also provide for their children.  Combined with the stress of daily deadlines, conferences and a hectic 9-5 lifestyle, it can be over whelming.  When it becomes too much to handle, it may be time to re-evaluate.  Along with the stress may come an increase in anxiety disorder which may also affect everyday life in both work and home. So, where can professional women turn when they feel the walls closing in?  At this point it may be time to take some preventative measures to help avoid further stress and impact on your health and relationships. 

   Counseling in past times may have been geared more towards people who had ongoing mental issues or disorders; however in recent years, counseling for stress and anxiety are becoming more acceptable. Whether it is due to economic or family issues, it's apparent more are seeking help and recovering. For women who hold higher management positions within their companies and are mothers, counseling can do wonders to help them get their feet back on the ground and begin the healing process.

  There are a few things professional women can do themselves to help alleviate the stress in their lives.  One would be to identify the issue that is causing undue stress. This could be a coworker, a neighbor, a higher than acceptable workload or even a relationship. By identifying the issue, women in the workplace can focus on removing the stress from their lives and living healthier.  Exercise can also be great de-stressor for women who find themselves constantly on the go as well. Many company benefits include workout rooms or gym memberships, the key is to actually use the facilities provided.

   Statistically, women who are in the workplace also perform up to 60% of the household work.  While this can be an added stress for workplace executives, raising children and maintaining their busy work schedules can also raise anxiety levels. It's equally important to note that stress in and of itself is the leading cause of death and disability among women. This fact alone should be an incentive for professional women to watch for signs of stress. There are a few steps women can take to cut down on the stress, even while on the clock. It's important to take breaks when they are due.  Additionally, taking out the walking shoes and getting some quick exercise during breaks can release some of that unwanted stress. Cutting out those heavy doses of caffeine is a must! Women who hold executive roles should also focus on eating a good breakfast instead of going to the coffee pot for a quick fix.  A smoothie can replace that caffeine and obviously, is a much healthier choice. While caffeine may seem like the optimal way to begin a day, the effects of excessive coffee can be detrimental and actually add stress. Additionally, it's important to find activities that are calming.  This may be turning off the television and simply taking a bath or listen to some stress calming music.  See this link for music that can help reduce stress.

   There are many way to reduce stress for women who hold higher positions in the workplace.  While there are different triggers that can cause the stress, it's important to identify what is the root of the cause.  Counseling can help bring out those roots and help women identify needs to be worked on.  A counselor who specializes in professional women and workplace anxiety and stress is L. Kay Byers located in Irving Texas.  With years of experience helping professional women cope with the stress of workplace and home, L. Kay Byers has help many women get back on the road to health and well being. 

   Women who hold higher levels in the workplace have shown their capabilities in the workplace, often bringing something to the table their male counterparts could not.  Unfortunately, with the added responsibilities often required by women professionals, stress as well as anxiety can become an everyday issue for them.  While there are a number of activities professional women can do to alleviate stress in their life, it's important for them to realize that help in the form of counseling is available. When the stress levels get to the point where health may be compromised, it's time to make the call.